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Commercial ads come and go according to season, this site, established by Innomacs Creation Ltd. is dedicated to restoring company's consistent core value. Corporate slogan, tag line, motto with the company logo can all be retained in our web site which serves as a directory for leading corporations with social responsibility (CSR).

The website focuses on corporate value, creativity, philosophy and culture. It is intended to be a collective platform to display company managers', artists', philosophers', poets' and designers' visual creations and ideas applied in the commercial field. We intend our site to provide information and inspiration, strengthen the foundation for customer loyalty and foster community spirit for a better world. To view main directory, please click the blue dot on header or any petal below. corporatemotto.com
Our Mission
In the age of mobile, we engage visitors across the globe to appreciate the diversity of CSR and creative economy.

Leaders in society are fully aware of the sustainability principle in business and eager to contribute to maintain the balance of the TBL. We help publishing them.

Three Bottom Line- TBL

corporate motto

We bring different disciplines together and view from each other's lens. The future is about collaboration and connection.

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