Innomacs' ad strategy for social changes
Innomacs Creation Ltd. appreciates creative thinking and encourages diversified social innovation. Ad labels are classified by business and published by date booked. We provide free ad space for company which undertakes CSR currently. Your ad label will be permanently kept in our site subject to renewal. To secure a prime location, please complete and send the appropriate form below:

ic-quote format Place your ad (form)
Basic requirement:
a) Your corporate quote
b) Your company logo
c) Your company name
d) URL of your company and/or CSR

cosmetic brandMaintain your presence (form)
We appreciate your contribution to society and have already highlighted your company on our website. Please update following to secure ad space if preferred.
a) Your corporate quote 
b) Your company logo
c) Your company name 
d) URL of your company and/or CSR 
(ad demo: from beauty industry)
IC slogan for ready adoption (form)
Our IP embracing traditional culture, humanity, business strategy and/or universal sentiments are for licensing. We illustrate some of them in various business pages. Feel free to contact us and view more from our company site.

(ad demo: for art authority)

Social innovation activities which may capture our attention include:
  • A BANK- "nurture young entrepreneurs" and/or "promote sporting event"
  • A FASHION BRAND - "support on energy saving" and/or "cultural event"
  • A NEWSPAPER -"sponsor Christmas charities"
  • An INSURANCE COMPANY - "support sporting initiatives"
  • An EATERY - "help senior reintegrate meaningfully into society"
  • A TECHNOLOGY brand - "donate their software and time to train the social welfare workers"
  • Ad label size
    standard unit ( 190x 170 px)
    poster unit ( 190 x 238 px)

    Ad label elements

  • Your logo
  • Your slogan, motto or tagline
  • URL of your company and/or CSR 

  • Demo of ad format

    Rollover of standard unit

    Poster unit of a bilingual ad